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Medical Tape

Medical tape is one of the most universal necessities in the medical world. Not only that, but it has many uses outside of medicine as well. offers dozens of different varieties of medical tape at affordable prices. Whether you need a small roll for use as part of a first aid kit or several different types to help dress a serious injury, you can find what you need here.

Size and Type

When purchasing medical tape, the main consideration that many people think about first is the size of the roll needed. This should include both the length of the tape and also the width – it is important in most cases not to use something that is too wide or too narrow for the job at hand. You should also think about the type of tape needed. Cloth is excellent for long-term wounds, while simple adhesive tape can be used to help hold bandages in place. Some cases might require foam tape as well. All of these varieties are available through


One of the other major things you need to consider when it comes to a medical tape purchase is the level of breathability. Some wounds need to be sealed to prevent air exposure and bacteria from getting in. Many, however, need the skin to be able to “breathe,” thus improving the healing process. The different types of medical tape listed here also mention whether they are considered breathable or not. This helps make it easy to decide at a glance what varieties of tape need closer inspection before a purchase gets made. Medical tape is one of the absolute essentials that anybody who owns medical supplies needs to keep on hand. The wide variety of options available through makes it easy to order one type or a variety, depending on your individual needs, and also makes it simple to determine at a glance the exact type of tape you should choose.