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Mesh Dressings

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Mesh Dressings

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Open wounds require dressings that protect the area while allowing moisture or exudate to seep through and absorb into a top layer of wound dressing. That’s where mesh dressings come in.

While some wound dressings are designed to adhere to the wound, mesh dressings help to protect the area from direct contact with other dressings or agents. If the wound is dry, there are saline and other sterile liquids that are used to moisten the dressing material. The dressing material acts as a means of lifting any wound drainage away from the skin and transferring it to the secondary dressing placed over the mesh. carries a full line of mesh dressings along with sterile saline products that are ready for use.

Mesh Dressing Uses

One of the more common applications of mesh dressings is burn treatment. The dressing allows the drainage to pass through the mesh and into the secondary dressing layer. This allows the wound to be protected from bacteria while the burned area heals. Since the dressing can be trimmed to fit over the wound easily, it can be applied to any area of the body.

Deep cuts may also be covered with this type of dressing for a time. This allows the wound to drain and eventually begin to scab over without exposing the area to bacteria or different types of irritants. Thanks to the protection provided by the dressing, the cut is able to heal faster and with a lower risk of complications. As with burns, it’s important to check the material and change the dressing when it appears to be saturated with drainage.

Choosing the Right Mesh Dressing

Mesh dressing can be made using more than one type of material. Choosing the right one depends on the nature of the wound, the amount of drainage taking place, and how much air flow is needed to help the wound heal. You can buy mesh dressings online at that are suitable for all sorts of open wounds and for each stage of the wound healing. For your convenience, the size and type for all our wound dressings are provided in the descriptions. Our ordering process is simple and you can expect your dressing supplies to arrive promptly.