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Hernia Support Belts

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  1. Beige (54)
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  1. Left (36)
  2. No Hole (36)
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  1. L (41.25 to 47.25 inches) (18)
  2. M (36.5 to 41.25 inches) (18)
  3. S (29.5 to 36.5 inches) (18)
  4. XL (47.25 to 53.25 inches) (18)
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  1. 10.25 inch (36)
  2. 6 inch (36)
  3. 8 inch (36)
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  1. Nu-Hope (290)
  2. Omnigon (67)
  3. Safe n Simple (108)
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Hernia Support Belts

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Hernia Belts

Hernia surgery is one of the most inconvenient procedures that people experience during their lifetimes because of the way it limits their mobility. After undergoing this procedure, a good hernia belt can help decrease the amount of inconvenience you experience while also aiding in the healing process by keeping your abdominal wall stable. offers more than 200 different hernia belts in a variety of price ranges.

When is a Hernia Belt Used?

Also called a truss, a hernia belt is used as a solution when a person experiences a tear in the abdominal muscles through which tissue such as part of the intestine protrudes. Hernia belts are usually worn by men, who are most likely to sustain this kind of injury. They are designed as temporary relief and can be worn as undergarments underneath your normal clothing. The many different varieties of hernia belts available provide varying degrees of support and comfort, with some fitting effectively enough that nobody can tell you are wearing a truss at all.

Choosing the Right Hernia Belt

When choosing the hernia belt that is best for you, there are several different considerations to make. The belt should be tailored to the person’s expected level of activity, size, and severity of hernia. In some cases, the truss can consist simply of specialized medical tape. In others, they can have room for pouches and supplies. Each of the available options has a high level of adjustability and comfort, as they are designed with the wellbeing of patients in mind. Whether a hernia belt is needed for the short-term or for a months-long recovery, has the full range of products that can cover any patient size, type, and personal needs. In addition to the level of customizability references above, the belts also come in different colors so they can fit under even light clothes with maximum comfort and concealability.