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  • What Is Petrolatum Made Of And What Does It Do?

    Nov 24, 2020/ Comments (0)

    What is Xeroform is a question that many people wonder when they are looking around for sterile gauze dressings for wounds. Xeroform is a non-adherent dressing that won’t ... Read More
  • Colostomy Bag Smell - How To Go About Avoiding The Odor

    Nov 24, 2020/ Comments (0)

    Passing gas in a public area is something that everyone has done, whether they will admit it or not. It can cause embarrassment, anxiety, nervousness, or all three at the same t ... Read More
  • Urinary Leg Bag Or Overnight Drainage Bag? What To Choose

    Nov 23, 2020/ Comments (0)

    A urinary leg bag is a bag that is used to hold urine and, in a way, serve as a bladder. It can be situated below your knee or above it. They are commonly known as drain bags as ... Read More
  • Straight Tip Catheter And Coude Catheter Differences

    Nov 13, 2020/ Comments (0)

    If you’ve just undergone surgery, you might be dealing with the new task of wearing a straight tip catheter or coude catheter. While both of these catheters serve the simi ... Read More
  • How Long Should A Catheter Be Left In After Surgery?

    Nov 13, 2020/ Comments (0)

    Those who have just undergone a medical operation are sometimes tasked with going home with a catheter after surgery. A catheter is a device used to assist people in dealing wit ... Read More