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  • Ostomy Guide to Nutrition

    Apr 20, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Although you will need to use medical accessories like drainable pouches after having an ostomy, this doesn’t mean that you will have to ...

    Mike Zhmudikov Read More
  • Ostomy Basics: Selecting the Right Pouching System

    Mar 22, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Choosing the right ostomy pouch for your body and situation is key in securing a comfortable and stress-free life. Read below to learn more about th ...

    Jason Read More
  • 5 Tips on First Aid for Cuts and Wounds

    Mar 21, 2016/ Comments (0)

    When there is an injury present, blood usually follows. Bleeding is the body’s way of trying to clean out the wound itself. The blood pushes o ...

    ICM Consulting Read More
  • Living an Active Life with Ostomy

    Mar 19, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Although undergoing extensive surgery resulting in the use of ostomy products is life changing, you will still be able to life a full and happy life ...

    Mike Zhmudikov Read More
  • 4 Quick Ways to Stop Bleeding From a Skin Wound

    Mar 18, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Everyone has unfortunate accidents now and then which can result in blood loss. However small or large the injury, it’s important to know how ...

    Mike Zhmudikov Read More