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  • Yes, We Can Bill ODSP Directly For Your Approved Medical Supplies

    Sep 28, 2016/ Comments (0)

    If you are an Ontario resident and an eligible beneficiary th ... Read More
  • CareBag - A Better Way to Secure Your Leg Bag

    Sep 27, 2016/ Comments (0)

    CareBag is a better way to secure your leg bag.  Whil ... Read More
  • Gel-X Solidifies Liquid Waste into a Gel

    Sep 27, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Gel-X is a unique product that converts liquid waste in your ... Read More
  • Fighting the Stigma - Living with Ostomy Care Products

    Sep 13, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Fighting the Stigma - Living with Ostomy Care Products

    Many people think that once they have a stoma, th ... Read More
  • Beat Hernia Pain with the Best Support for Your Injury

    Sep 02, 2016/ Comments (0)

    A hernia is a medical condition that occurs when fatty tissue or part of an organ protrudes through a weak s ... Read More
  • Protect your Stoma with StomaDome

    Aug 22, 2016/ Comments (0)

    The StomaDome is an innovative new product that attaches to your pouch and protects your stoma from the ... Read More
  • Incontinence Supplies for Larger Patients - How to Recommend the Best Products

    Aug 18, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Incontinence Supplies

    Incontinence is a topic that no one wants to discuss at any time b ... Read More
  • Best Medical Supply Brands - Our Top Picks!

    Aug 17, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Best Medical Supply Brands

    When shopping for medical supplies, it’s essential that the h ... Read More
  • Make Used Ostomy Pouches Disappear With Seal-N-Toss

    Aug 15, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Medihoney is made from pure Manuka honey, which has special anti-bacterial properties not found in reg ...