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  • Treat Chronic Wounds with Medihoney

    Jul 06, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Medihoney is made from pure Manuka honey, which has special anti-bacterial properties not found in regular ho ... Read More
  • OstaBelt Provides You with Comfort, Support and Confidence

    Jul 06, 2016/ Comments (0)

    OstaBelt is an innovative stylish belt system dedicated to help ostomy patients return to an active lifestyle. C ... Read More
  • Go Swimming and Shower with Confidence with Flange Seal Rings

    Jul 06, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Flange Seal Rings create ... Read More
  • Is it Okay to Buy Medical Products Online?

    Jul 06, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Nowadays, consumers are looking for shopping experiences th ... Read More
  • Which Adult Diaper Brands do Personal Care Workers Prefer?

    Jul 05, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Personal care workers are peop ... Read More
  • 5 Rules for Stocking Rarely Used Medical Supplies

    Jul 04, 2016/ Comments (0)

    When stocking items that are not often ... Read More
  • Why Cellulose and Matrix Dressings are Advised for Treating Stalled Wounds

    May 27, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Stalled wounds are those which have healed to an extent, but that have not progressed beyond a specific point of improvement. Althou ... Read More
  • How to Change a Urostomy Pouch

    May 26, 2016/ Comments (0)

    If you have recently been fitted with a urostomy pouch, you may not yet be sure how or when to change it. However, in order to remai ... Read More
  • Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence: How to Tell the Difference

    May 11, 2016/ Comments (0)

    These days, doctors are bale to diagnose various forms of incontinence in patients, which enables them to provide better care to the ... Read More
  • 4 Early Signs that you Might Have a Hernia – and what you can do about it

    May 10, 2016/ Comments (0)

     A hernia occurs when part of an internal organ is displaced in the body and it starts protruding through the cavity wall that ... Read More