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  • Preventing Colostomy Bags From Bursting - A Quick Guide

    Sep 16, 2020/ Comments (0)

    If you’ve ever had a colostomy bag explode or burst you know just how horrible it can be. It’s arguably one of the most uncomfortable feelings you may experience thr ... Read More
  • Do Colostomy Bags Stink? An Age-Old Question, Answered

    Sep 08, 2020/ Comments (0)

    A lot of people think that their colostomy bag is going to smell, and although that may be true, it only happens to people who don't take care of themselves. The answer to do co ... Read More
  • Swimming With Colostomy Bag - All You Need To Know

    Sep 08, 2020/ Comments (0)

    Swimming with a colostomy bag can be a nerve-racking experience. Not because anything going to happen, but instead because you think something might. But the truth is, if you pr ... Read More
  • How To Run With A Stoma Bag - A Quick Runner’s Guide

    Sep 08, 2020/ Comments (0)

    A lot of people who use stoma bags are discouraged from physical exercise because they either think the bag will burst or that it’ll be damaged. Well, we’re here to ... Read More
  • How Does A Catheter Work - A Complete All Intensive Guide

    Sep 03, 2020/ Comments (0)

    Patients that suffer from ailments such as urinary incontinence often use catheters to relieve them of their ailment. In simple words, it’s a tube that’s moved into ... Read More