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  • Aquacel AG Dressing Instructions - Informational Tips

    Jan 14, 2021/ Comments (0)

    Aquacel AG dressing instructions should be followed closely so that wounds will have the best chance at healing. Whenever dealing with Aquacel dressing for surgical wounds, the ... Read More
  • What Is Tape Made Out Of - Types Of Medical Tape

    Jan 11, 2021/ Comments (0)

    For people that have just accidentally received a wound or cut, the medical tape is something that will efficiently secure a bandage in place from moving around or falling off. ... Read More
  • What Is A Shower Transfer Chair And What To Look For

    Dec 23, 2020/ Comments (0)

    A shower transfer chair is an accessory that is used with showers and bathtubs. If you're currently looking where to buy a shower chair, you should look for one that is resistan ... Read More
  • What Is An Antiseptic And What Does Antiseptic Mean?

    Dec 21, 2020/ Comments (0)

    What is an antiseptic and what does antiseptic even mean? In a nutshell, an antiseptic is basically used for sterilizing, killing germs, and sanitizing the skin or surface that ... Read More
  • What Is Petrolatum Made Of And What Does It Do?

    Nov 24, 2020/ Comments (0)

    What is Xeroform is a question that many people wonder when they are looking around for sterile gauze dressings for wounds. Xeroform is a non-adherent dressing that won’t ... Read More