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Abdominal Binders

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Abdominal Binders

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After any major abdominal surgery, a doctor is likely to tell a patient to wear an abdominal binder. This is true whether the patient suffers an abdominal injury or engages in voluntary surgery such as a tummy tuck or liposuction. offers a number of different abdominal binders, allowing you a chance to choose a size and function that works best for the individual needs at hand.

Abdominal Binder Uses

An abdominal binder has several essential uses following an operation. Its most important use is to provide compression to the surgical site. This can help prevent leakage of blood or other fluids and is also a major aid in the healing process. With the use of this product, a patient is able to get out of bed faster after a major medical procedure and is better equipped to move about, thus improving the overall quality of life. By choosing the proper abdominal binder, you are more likely to heal quickly and get back to your normal level of activity sooner.

Finding the Right Fit

An abdominal binder should be able to fit comfortably around the user’s body and should be adjusted so that it is snug enough to provide a good level of compression to the injury site. The binders available through come in multiple sizes and are easily adjustable. Most of them have a number of panels, so if you have one that is large than you need you can simply fold the panel back and use only the material necessary for the specific individual. This also allows for a way to adjust the binder to each stage of recovery, providing more compression when needed and less when necessary. Choosing the proper abdominal binder requires a careful look at the size of the individual who will be wearing it and the compression needs associated with the injury. The affordable variety available through makes these ordering and customization needs very easy.