A Guide On How To Choose Urinary Leg Bag Holders

If you're a male and are currently learning how to choose urinary leg bag holders and leg straps, the first thing you need to know is that they shouldn't be uncomfortable when applied to your leg. Choosing one can be intimidating at first because there are many different varieties to pick from. Seeing terms like urine bag holder, catheter leg strap, and many other ones can cause some frustration for those that are brand new to these foreign-looking devices. It's good to speak to your healthcare practitioner when considering the options out there. You don't have to go with ones that only contain the long latex straps. You can choose from ones that have cloth holders that will keep the leg bag secured comfortably against a part of your leg that you think will work best. Most tend to go with the thigh or calf area. One nice benefit to the cloth holders is that the bag isn't directly against the skin on your leg. This makes the cloth holders a great and comfortable product to use when it's extremely hot and humid during the summer months.

What Are Some Of The Different Styles Of Cloth Holders

Because of the many different options out there, it's good to learn how to choose urinary leg bag straps so that they'll work best for you and your body. And maybe you’ll decide to choose one that doesn't even have straps. More and more people are starting to use cloth leg bag holders instead. These are designed with a cloth sleeve that will secure the urinary leg bag to your leg. There are many different sizes of cloth leg bag holders, so ensure that you find one that'll work for the size of your leg. In addition, the size of your urinary leg bag should be compatible with your cloth leg bag holder. Taking measurements beforehand will ensure you don't get one that doesn't fit properly.

Urocare Thigh Fabric Urine Bag Holder And Urocare Knee/Calf Fabric Urine Bag Holder

These urine bag holders are compatible with all of the Uro-Safe Disposable urinary leg bags. They also work with the Urocare reusable latex urinary leg bags in these sizes:

  • 9oz

  • 18oz

  • 26oz

Sometimes you can make the 32oz reusable bag work, but it usually doesn't fit very well. You potentially might have to use another strap to secure the bag against your leg. One thing to note here is that the bag Urocare urinary bag holders aren't compatible with Urocare sports bags.

How To Choose Urinary Leg Bag Straps - Fabric Urine Bag Holders With A Sleeve

The fabric urine bag holders that have a sleeve are a very basic design that basically just slides up your leg and will secure your urinary bag against your skin. The leg bag holder then slides right over the leg and the leg bag. There are many different leg bags that you can use these bag holders with. Ensure that you take measurements before getting these because they come in a variety of different sizes. The bag holder shouldn't be super tight to the point that it's cutting off the circulation to your leg. It should always be comfortable and soft. These leg bag holders are ideal for users that want to keep their urinary leg bags discreet.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Urine Bag Straps?

When you're choosing leg bag straps and leg bags, a good recommendation is to purchase them from the same manufacturer. An example of this is if you currently have a Urocare leg bag, then it's best to get Urocare leg straps or Urocare leg bag holders as well. Many manufacturers will make their product line compatible with other products they make, so switching between manufacturers can sometimes result in improper fits. When you're initially learning how to choose urinary leg bag straps, it's always good to take a good look at the descriptions to ensure compatibility between leg bags and straps.

Urinary Bag Straps And Velcro Fasteners

Urinary bag straps that have velcro fasteners are simple designs that many people find easy and convenient to use. Velcro straps will secure the leg bag in place and the straps will then wrap around the leg with velcro fastening everything in place. The nice thing about these is that the fasteners can be adjusted. This means that they can be used with different leg bags and just loosened or tightened accordingly. If you feel things are too tight, you can just loosen it at your own discretion. There are Urocare leg bag straps called "Fitz-All", and some people might misinterpret this product as being able to fit perfectly with your leg bag. This usually isn't the case, and being able to find a one size fits all leg bag strap is very rare.

Velcro Urine Bag Straps

Velcro urine bag straps will slide around the outside of your leg and attach to velcro. There are slots on the leg bag that will secure the velcro against it. You can find these in a number of different sizes.

Button-up Urine Bag Straps

Button-up urine bag straps are a style of leg strap that will wrap around your leg and inserted into a slot located on your leg bag. It'll then be secured with a button. These types of leg bag straps are available for consumers in both latex and latex-free options.

What About Brand-Specific Urine Bag Straps?

There are manufacturers that sometimes make products that are only compatible with the leg bags they offer. An example of this is the leg bags from Hollister. You're only able to use just one strap on those. For those that have Hollister leg bags but don't like the straps, it's suggested to try using a fabric leg bag holder. Another example of this is Coloplast and how you can only use their lag bag straps on the urinary bags that they offer. Compatibility between a Hollister bag and a Urocare strap simply isn't possible, and this can make things frustrating for some people because if they enjoy a certain leg bag from a certain manufacturer, they aren't able to combine that with a leg bag strap that they really like from a different manufacturer.

Things To Keep Note Of

Learning how to strap a catheter bag to your leg will be all new territory for most people that have to use one. When you're trying out and choosing leg bag straps, remember to carefully follow all of the instructions provided so that it'll fit exactly how it should. It's recommended to purchase leg bag straps from the same manufacturer as the one that made your leg bag. There is a higher chance of things workout out better with that method.

Make sure you take all of the measurements before choosing leg straps so that there is a better chance of everything fitting together the first time. Sometimes finding a leg bag/leg bag strap combination that works can take some trial and error. The way it fits on your leg all boils down to personal preference. Some people like the fit to be a little looser than others. You're the one that has to live with your setup, so only you can decide what feels the best for you.