2020-07-20 11:37:05

Formed by a combination of glycine and magnesium, Magnesium Glycinate is an incredible health supplement that's just recently started to make waves throughout the medical community. Countless studies have highlighted the tremendous success that Magnesium Glycinate has seen, and the users are actually praising it as well. This particular Magnesium Glycinate lives under the Metagenics brand, which is of course one of the reasons why it's so successful. Metagenics is one of the most trusted sources out there.

In this brief article, we'll be discussing the various reasons as to Metagenic's success. People prefer their brand, and there must be reasons why! Time to get right into it.

A More Scientific Approach

It's very common for companies to simply do what everyone else is when they see success. Fortunately for the health-conscious folks out there, Metagenics is not one of those brands. Metagenics took the path less traveled with regards to the development of their glycine. Through extensive scientific research, they discovered that the addition of two glycine amino acids rather than one was indeed possible. That discovery led to the creation of their supremely successful product, Metagenics Magnesium Glycinate. Or as dubbed by the creators, Magnesium Bi-Glycinate.

The Acceptance of Benefits

Because of how unique Bi-Glycinate actually is, you will actually be able to benefit from the various pros that this particular magnesium glycinate boasts. This is possible because your body will have a much easier time with absorption, as your body no longer needs to rely on stomach acidity when it comes time for absorption. This ability lets you experience the health benefits to a far greater extent. Two of the most major benefits have been highlighted below.

No More Bowel Intolerance!

One of the most common and somewhat unfortunate side effects of magnesium glycinate is bowel intolerance. This includes anything from diarrhea to nausea and vomiting. Fortunately for anyone who uses Metagenics Magnesium Glycinate, you won't suffer these problems to as severe an extent. You still may suffer from the odd side effect, but it will be weak and short-lived. Some in the medical community argue that these effects are largely due to absorption no longer relying on your stomach acidity.

More Than Just Bone Strength

For years society has been taught that Magnesium Glycinate is only great for your skeletal system (or in other words your bones), and with regular glycinate that's true. However, when you factor in Bi-Glycinate, you actually get to benefit from so much more. This entails mental health benefits, chronic pain relief, inflammation relief, and more. Generally, most find that the Metagenics brand of Magnesium Glycinate is much more widespread with its effects. It's longer just about bone strength.

Final Thoughts

For more information on the Metagenics brand of Magnesium Glycinate, we recommend you visit your family doctor or a local pharmacists advisor.