2020-07-20 11:54:49

If you've attempted to choose from the massive amount of ostomy products available in Canada, you've most likely felt intimidated. Maybe you even gave up because you simply could not choose what was right for you. And guess what? There's no shame in that. It's fantastic that there are so many options out there, but it's completely understandable that the actual amount can be somewhat overwhelming. If you've found yourself in this situation you're in luck. We've put together a quick guide that is sure to make everything so much easier. Once you've read through this article you'll be able to choose what you need super easily. You may even enjoy doing so! Alright, without further ado, let's get right into it.

  1. Time To Speak With Your ET Nurse!

Your ET Nurse is definitely the person you need to be talking to first. They have first-hand knowledge of the matter, as well as first-hand knowledge of you and your concerns. They'll be able to either recommend certain products or refer you to someone who could. They're definitely an excellent source of information, and we highly recommend you visit them before following any of the other tips we describe below. With this in mind, if you've already spoken with your ET Nurse, feel free to move on to the next listing(s).

  1. Start With Your Appliance

Generally, the best place to start is with your specific appliance, or in other words (specifics), an ostomy bag. At first, it may seem a little daunting because there are so many options out there, but at the end of the day, it really depends on which procedure you had. Different shapes and sizes work best on their respective procedures. The same goes for functionality and even price range. So to start, make note of what procedure you had (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy). When searching for an ostomy bag be sure to filter by the procedure to get the most effective product. With this enacted the options will be significantly lessened, meaning the intimidation level may drop. If not, check out our other tips.

  1. Time To Choose Your Accessories

Choosing your accessories is a vital step in the overall process. Depending on your procedure and the various issues you've suffered from afterward, you may need specific accessories or products. For example, you may want to purchase a variety of products regarding skincare if you suffer from any sort of skin irritation. You could also purchase items like fanny packs or holsters if you'd like to keep these products on your person when out and about. Generally the products and accessories you keep with you depend on your personal situation, so before looking through the product lists, identify the problem you want to solve. Struggling with odors? Filter by hygiene products. Looking to take part in intensive sports? Filter through the various sporting options! Each one will provide you with valuable insight into what you actually need. You wouldn't want to be looking through sporting items if you were simply looking for something to alleviate a rash!

  1. Time To Speak With The Experts!

If you really want to go all out and improve your health completely, we recommend visiting a nutritionist. With a custom nutrition plan, you'll get healthier than you've ever been. If you plan on doing this, we recommend you filter by health supplements and products related to them. Do keep in mind that before you follow the advice of a nutritionist we definitely recommend you get their plan approved by your family doctor or physician. Nutritionists generally know what they're doing but nobody knows more about your health than your family doctor.

  1. Join Online Communities

There are hundreds of resource channels out there on the internet. One look through the various social media platforms out there may do you some good. Chances are any questions you may have had already been asked. Simply type your question into your search engine of choice and see what other people have already discussed. If you don't find anything, feel free to leave a question of your own! Youll certainly help anyone out there with the same question as you!

Final Thoughts

For more information on how to choose which ostomy products and accessories are best for you, feel free to visit some of our other articles and information sources. We do recommend that you speak with your family doctor before doing anything major because as we said, they know more about your health than you do!