2019-08-19 15:22:02

Improvements in incontinence accessories have made reusable underpants a convenient option for people who want to go out without feeling uncomfortable. The highest quality brands of reusable underwear look very much like normal underwear but provide the absorbency and protection that people have come to expect from incontinence underwear. If you think that reusable pants might be the right option for you, here are some things to help you choose the right brand.

Choosing the Right Size

Protective disposable underwear requires proper sizing in order to avoid leakage, and that remains true of reusable underpants as well. While most women are used to choosing underwear that matches their size and body type precisely, many men take a more casual approach to undergarments, choosing options that might not always be the snuggest fit. When it comes to reusable underwear, you should make sure that you size your choice appropriately. Something that is too tight can cut off circulation, and something that is too loose can result in leakage. If you are used to wearing boxers or other loose underwear, try some different brief options to see what fits most comfortably on your body.


Whether you choose protective disposable underwear or reusable underpants, getting the right level of absorbency is key. Check the information on the packaging of your reusable underwear to determine whether the product is meant for light leakage, moderate amounts of fluid, or heavy leakage. Remember to account for nighttime leakage, which tends to be higher in individuals who suffer from urinary incontinence. In fact, some individuals may find that they can use a pad or protective disposable underwear during the day but then rely on reusable underpants to make sure that they get through the night clean and dry.

Style and Personal Preferences

Reusable underpants don’t have to be bulky, uncomfortable things. While there are unisex reusable underpants out there, many manufacturers now cater toward the needs of all genders, designing underwear that fits men, women, and even non-binary individuals. Incontinence products, be they protective disposable underwear or reusable pants, are designed to help make you feel comfortable and secure in everyday life. That means having the confidence to wear a style and fit of underwear that you like. Make sure to consider your preferences when it comes to determining the type of reusable underpants you buy. Odds are very good that there is a product out there for you.

Softness and Comfort

Remember that the reusable underpants you choose will be in contact with your skin for hours on end, whether you wear them during the day or at night. This means that you need to make sure you feel comfortable wearing them and that they don’t scratch or ride up at inopportune moments. Finding the exact right pair for you might take a little bit of trial and error. Choose some reusable underpants that look like they will work for you, try them on, and see how you like them after a week. If you aren’t completely satisfied, try a different type or brand of reusable underwear. Most modern reusable underwear contains a comfort layer that is designed to keep your skin dry and leave you feeling comfortable all day long.

Washing Procedures

While you can simply throw away disposable underwear, reusable pants can be washed and used again and again, potentially lasting for years. However, you should check the washing instructions before you buy to make sure that you understand how you should clean a given pair of reusable underpants. In many cases, you can simply throw the undergarments in with the rest of your laundry. However, some pairs require hand washing or special rinsing cycles. Some pairs of reusable pants should be hung out to dry, while others can be machine dried. Your understanding of the procedures that you need to go through can affect your laundry routine and your final purchase decision.

Covers and Accessories

Even though reusable pants have absorbent layers and do a very good job of containing liquid inside the undergarment, most of them also require the use of an external protective cover. Sometimes, this cover is built into the underwear. Many times, it is something that you need to purchase separately. This cover is usually made of vinyl or some other water resistant fabric and helps to make sure that the liquid inside the underwear doesn’t come into contact with outer garments. Make sure you know what sort of protective outer layer your underpants need. Moreover, consider whether you wish to seek out reusable garment covers or use disposable covers that you can throw out rather than wash and reuse.


It would be very easy to simply purchase the least expensive set of reusable underwear you could find. However, as with so many things, you usually get what you paid for. While a good deal on reusable pants is always worth checking out and perhaps buying a pair to serve as a trial, you should always keep your long-term comfort and personal care needs in mind. Don’t feel pressured into buying a pair of underwear that isn’t right for you. Think about your personal comfort level, your laundry and grooming habits, how much absorbency you need, and any other factors that might play a role in your final purchasing decision. Usually, you can find something that meets all of your personal needs while also providing you with a good price. Coupons, discounts, and other specials can help lower the purchase price even further.

If you have further questions about reusable underwear, ask your personal care provider for advice. That individual knows your specific needs and preferences, and they also likely know about several of the most popular reusable underpants brands on the market. If you don’t have a personal care provider or want even more advice, looking for online reviews can give you a good feel for what people who have tried a given pair of underpants think. When you make the purchase, keep the above advice in mind to make sure you get exactly what you need.