2020-09-08 10:38:45

A lot of people think that their colostomy bag is going to smell, and although that may be true, it only happens to people who don't take care of themselves. The answer to do colostomy bags stink” is somewhat complex, but to summarize, people who take the appropriate steps to ensure they maintain their health are unlikely to notice a smell at all. In this article, were going to discuss a variety of ways to eliminate any and all smells that may come from your colostomy bag. Let's be honest, having to wear a colostomy bag on the daily can be embarrassing. But if you do things right, you won't even notice it. Nor will the people around you. Now let's talk about gas reduction.

One of the biggest causes of colostomy bag odor is gas inducing foods. Foods that cause gas are the enemy of people with colostomy bags. Not only will they produce a rancid smell, but they may also actually cause your bag to burst. Below we're going to go through the foods you should avoid, along with which foods are really good for you.

Beans - Most people already know that beans are one of the most significant gas inducing foods. Beans like lima beans and kidney beans are the biggest producer of gas when it comes to food, which in succession, makes it the most likely to release various negative smells. And don't just avoid beans, avoid everything that has beans in it. This means no chili, no select soups, and overall just an avoidance towards anything bean filled.

Cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are the big three when it comes to vegetables that induce gas. Avoiding those three and replacing them with options like spinach and kale is a very good way to reduce any unwanted odors. You should also avoid asparagus and garlic.

Various Vegetables - Before you get excited, no, we're not saying you should avoid fruit. Just a select few of them. More specifically, you should be avoiding apples, pears, and other fruits like them. Eating them in moderation is okay, but you should avoid regular consumption. The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” isn't necessarily true in this case. Eating too much of a gas inducing food can burst your colostomy bag. Not only will the smell be terrible, but you'll almost certainly have to visit your doctor.

Fish - You for sure need to try to avoid all kinds of fish. Fish are definitely gas inducing food and are one of the most prominent sources of negative odors. Some people don't even like the smell of properly cooked fish, so just imagine what that would smell like after it's been digested by the human body. Not a fun time wed imagine.

Swallowing Air - One of the main ways gas gets trapped in your system is by you swallowing air while eating. When eating, do your best to chew with your mouth closed. Don't drink too much-carbonated water, and definitely don't just gulp air.

Pouch Filters - If you've tried all of what we've mentioned above and nothings working for you, you may want to try a filter. It will sort out any unwanted odors, and certain models even help get rid of gas.

Deodorant - Since a lot of people tend to struggle with this, there are companies out there that have made deodorant for both the outside of your pouch and the inside.

For more information on how to reduce body odor coming from your colostomy bag, we recommend you visit your family doctor. We also recommend you visit our website and look at some of our odor-reducing products. We hope this article helped you answer all of your questions.