2021-02-11 18:12:15

How do you get the urine smell out of clothes? If you've ever had to Google this question, Clorox urine remover was probably one of the products that popped up in your research. Even though medical supply companies are not the initial place you'd go to when you're needing certain products for cleaning, they are useful. Clorox urine remover is specifically designed to break down urine.

Many products on the market will just cover up the smell of urine with certain scents, but Clorox urine remover actually gets to the root of the smell. It even works for the smell of urine that's been sitting in the material for a long time. It's very efficient for getting the smell out of carpets, clothing, bedding, and upholstery. It also works on the grout in between tiles. Users have reported using Clorox urine remover to clean out the urine smell from old apartments with much success. Others have reported that they have tried bleach and a whole assortment of different products without much success.

One user gave the following review on Clorox urine remover for some stubborn pet stains:

"This is by far the best cleaner I've ever tried. My pets have left many stains around the house which resulted in unpleasant odors. I ran out of solutions to try and stumbled across Clorox urine remover. It's been nearly a month now and I think I finally got rid of the urine smell for good. This product completely gets rid of old urine stains in carpets. I also tried using it on some of my clothes and it works like a charm."

Another user reported trying out Clorox urine remover after visiting a relative:

"A relative and their three-year-old son spent the night at my house recently. Well, you can probably guess what happened. He accidentally urinated on the bed and I was trying to figure out how to clean it up properly. I found Clorox urine remover and was able to completely get rid of the smell. It didn't even leave a stain or anything. I decided to try it out on a very old pet stain that was on the carpet and it actually made it harder to see the stain now."

You can purchase the Clorox urine remover in either the 32 oz size or the gallon size. One of the good things about the gallon size is that there is a spray attachment that makes using it that much easier. If you're worried about the Clorox urine remover spray having a very strong odor, you can rest assured that it doesn't leave behind a potent fragrance at all. However, you'll want to keep your pets or children away from it while it's still wet on the surrounding surfaces. Clorox urine remover reviews have been incredibly positive and this tried and tested product is sure to help you in anything that urine has gotten on.