2018-08-10 16:25:09

Living with some type of pelvic organ prolapse is painful and difficult at best. Fortunately, the use of pessaries can provide a lot of relief and also reduce the risk of infection. They can also serve as an efficient approach to contraception. The key is to find the right supplier with the best brands in terms of performance, ease of use, and protection. Here are some tips that will help

Identifying the Reason for the Pessary

Before you go shopping for any pessaries, make sure you know why you need one in the first place. Do you have a condition that requires some sort of stabilizing support for the uterus? Perhaps you need something that will help to treat an infection. Maybe the idea is to invest in one of the Bioteque pessaries as a way to prevent contraception. That means you want a supplier who carries this brand.

It’s not unusual for a patient to need a pessary for more than one reason. By making sure you identify the combination of reasons you need the device, it will be easier to determine which one you need.

Comparing Designs and Brands

You will quickly realize there are several different types of Bioteque and Milex pessaries on the market today. There are ring designs, donut designs, and even designs that function as dilators. Inflatable versions that help to provide organ support are certainly worth considering.

Identifying the condition you want to treat will help narrow the range of options to come degree. You will still need to compare the merits of similar designs to ensure they will provide the benefits you seek. A ring pessary may be just right, or opting for a donut pessary may be your best choice. If you are not sure about the design, talk with your physician.

Size Matters

Did you know that pessaries come in different sizes? That means you have to find the one that’s the best fit for you. To some degree, the size will be determined by the condition you want to treat. Your own physical dimensions will also influence the size chosen. Fortunately, Milex and Bioteque pessaries of all designs come in a variety of sizes. The right supplier will have all those sizes available.

Choosing the right size does not have to be a case of trial and error. In fact, your physician can provide some suggestions for sizes to try. The goal is to find one that is relatively easy to lubricate and insert coupled with a size that will accomplish the intended purpose. Go with the physician’s suggestion first. If you find it to be a little large, consider trying one that is slightly smaller. Sooner than you expected, you can identify the right design that also happens to fit comfortably and provide the relief you want.

Remember that you can purchase Bioteque and Milex pessaries online. This provides you with the opportunity to find competitive prices and also shop discreetly. Best of all, you can place your order and have them delivered directly to the home. Shop today and you could have the right pessary at your door in no time.